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Educational Websites

Khan Academy

Great website to look up "mini lessons" on what has been covered in class at school.

First in Math

This is a great site for students to practice skills they use daily, not just in 6th math class!  They compete with other students on campus, at other campuses, and other areas of the state as well.  It is an excellent website for students to learn and have fun.

Think Through Math

Students use their skills to motivate through the lessons to earn points towards "Avatar gear"!  Students start earning some POINTS!!

A + Math Site

This site has many different resources to help your child.  It has worksheets, games, and a math helper.  The math helper allows you to input the problem and the answer and it will let you know if the answer is correct or not.  It is a really good place to practice multiplication facts and division.

Multiplication Facts Practice

This is a great tool for students to practice their multiplication facts.  The site allows you to enter answers and once you completed the quiz, you hit finished, and it will mark the incorrect ones. 

IXL - Math

This site is great for Pre-K through Algebra aged students to engage and explore learning.  It engages students learning.

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