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30-50-60-75 Book Challenge

30-50-60-75 Book Challenge How do I get a punch on my card?

Crockett students are encouranged to explore different genres by completing the punch card. There are a variety of ways to get a punch for a book. AR tests ask low level questions and can prove that a student read a book. Other options help the student “think deeper” about what they are reading.By reading a wide variety students will deveop their reading interests. Our fiction books are grouped by genre- Fantasy, Adventure, Scary, Humor, Historical Fiction, Sports, Mystery, Readlistic Fiction, Sci-Fi and Mythology. Nonfiction/informational text are arranged by Dewey Decimal numbers. The nonfiction sections are marked with “kid friendly language” to eliminate the need to memorize the Dewey numbers. We also have sections of Graphic Novels, Quick Reads (picture books), and books in Spanish. 

 Students come to the library weekly with their class but can come individually each day. 

Each student will do a Star Reading test for an instructional reading level. That reading level will not limit library choice. I believe that limiting children to certain books does not foster interest in reading. I want students to be able to discover what they want to read and that will naturally lead them to books that challenge them.