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Homework, Detention & Saturday School





A student is expected to work to the extent of his/her capabilities; therefore, homework will be an integral part of the school obligation. It is used to reinforce learning practices and to encourage self-discipline. Each teacher will explain his/her rules for homework and accepting late work. Daily work, including homework, accounts for 50% of a student's grade, so poor homework habits usually result in failing grades.


Detention is held during your assigned lunch period. A teacher who assigns detention will give you a written notice the day before it is to be served. There are many ways you can receive detention. If you choose to chew gum at school, talk without permission in class, receive excessive tardies, or do anything else not appropriate in school, then you may receive detention. While in detention, you must copy a sheet called The Character Wall. After the detention teacher has checked it and is satisfied with your work, then you may leave. If you do not do your assignment correctly, you may even have to do the assignment over again or be assigned another day of detention or ISS (in-school suspension), If you do not attend detention you win a spot in ISS AND a return date to detention!

Saturday School

You may receive an invitation to attend Saturday School if you have too many absences. Saturday School hours are 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. You must bring something to work on. If you don't, you will either be given an assignment or you will have to leave. If you come after 8:03 you will not be able to attend that day, and you will have to come back next week to make it up. A student who is assigned Saturday School and doesn't attend could be subject to truancy charges.

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