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Student Life (Copied)

Student Life 1976-1991

Throughout Mr. Nance's years as principal, there have been many changes in fashion, hair styles, and the general way of life. During the early years his students were doing the hustle and watching "Charlie's Angels". In 1976 (Mr. Nance's first year) girls finally got their chance to play sports like volleyball, basketball, and track. The dress code changed to allow students to wear shorts. Back then students got in trouble for assorted dress code violations such as boys wearing earrings and wearing shorts that were not long enough.

Safety was a big concern for Mr. Nance. He held storm drills and fire drills on a regular basis. It was important to make sure kids got home on time and that they got back to school without injury.

In the fall of 1991 Crockett changed from the "Volunteers" to the "Wildcats". School colors changed from orange and white to blue, white, and gray. The last year Mr. Nance was at Crockett, the Paris school district moved all the 6th and 7th graders to Crockett and all the 8th graders to Travis Junior High School.

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