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Destiny Discover online catalog Clever sign in

Student Login- student ID number as User Name and Password

Email if you can’t log in.

Login to Paris ISD Clever to access Apps and sites with your login. Use your Student ID Number in the User Name and Password 
Nat Geo Kids Gale In Context Infobits
Explore amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. Best for children aged 6–14. Magazines, news, and books on all subjects and current events. One-stop shopping for a variety of information.
Learn 360 Britannica Escolar
Videos, activities, games, and other multi-media resources for classrooms Enciclopedia básica con articulos, videos, y atros materiales do aprendizaje
Britannica Image Quest Britannica School
Safe, legal, and diverse media for schools and libraries. Get the best offering of rights-cleared imagery.  Encyclopedia articles, multimedia, and primary sources
epic!Digital library for kids 12 and under. If your classroom teacher has not assigned you a code, you can use gxi2621 CNN10

Flocabulary- This Week in Rap

Copyright Free Images and Music

Need an image or music to go into a project?

I Survived Love I Survived Books? This site will take you behind the scenes of the topic of each book. original sound created by Warrior Cats Edits | Popular songs on TikTok Do you love the Warrior books by Erin Hunter? Activities, Family trees, book summaries, and some spoilers are here.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid · Books · Wimpy Kid · Official

Enjoy Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Go have some fun on this site.


Fun videos on cool topics for kids.

storyline online 






books read by celebrities


Quaver Music

Quaver Music- Used in 5th grade Music Class- 

Students have user names and password

Discovery Education

Discovery Education- digital video curriculum aligned with content area standards

Amplify Blooket

Reading Practice     Review games

Games to play at school after you have completed your work.

The games listed are the only ones approved.

You may only play them after work is completed and with the teacher's permission.


Prodigy Math- adventure game with math problems 


Nitro Type- competitive typing game


Dreamscape- adventure game for reading-






Mathler- Learn computer coding- Login with your school email and this code- NJDJNL

HMH textbook adoptionReading and Social Studies Textbook Adoption


Teacher Login- username: school email​/password: P4ssWord@12

Student Login- Username: (first & last initials, student id@PISD) 

Ex: JN270123@PISDpassword: W1ldcatS

Research Links

States & Countries





STEM scopes 6th Grade Science

Teacher Login- username: school email​:password: P4ssWord@12

Student Login- username:n (first & last initials, student id@PISD)  Ex: JN270123@PISD

password: W1ldcatS