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September 9th – 13th 

This week…


We will continue to discuss with “Annotation”; the How and Why?

I will read, annote, and answer reading passages


We will review Long “E” Long “O” spelling words this week.

I will study daily and practice my spelling through various spelling pracctices throughout the week.


We will continue to create our reading/writing reflective narrative.

I will draft, revise/edit, and polish my reading/writing reflective narrative.


We will continue studying in Unit 1 – extended multiplication

I will disccover and apply which method of multiplication work best for me and apply it to my independent studies.


We will continue to discuss “Matter” ,it’s physical properties, and the vocabulary that surround it.

I will complete matter journal sort, DIY, and participate in class lab activites

Social Studies:

We will disccuss The 13 colonies that began our country.

I will continue The 13 colonies map activity