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Lesson Plans - Stacy Matthews

Monday Sept. 5, 2022

           No School- Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday Sept 6, 2022

      Unit 1 card sort.  Sorting fractions, decimals, and percents

Wednesday Sept 7, 2022

     Unit 2 Fraction Faction Cards.  Introduce to positive rational numbers

Thursday Sept. 8, 2022

      Unit 2 Order benchmarks to order fractions between 0 and 1.  

Friday Sept 9, 2022

     Unit 2 ID relationships between fractions, decimals, and percents of benchmark values.

Monday Sept 12, 2022

      Fraction, improper fraction, mixed number and decimal relationships, Compare and order fractions, improper fractions, mixed number and decimals.

Tuesday Sept 13, 2022

     Fractions, decimal, and percent relationships

Wednesday Sept 14, 2022

      Fractions, decimal, and percent relationships MTM worksheet/ Homework

Thursday Sept 15, 2022

      Fractions, decimal, and percent relationships Ordering rational Numbers

Friday Sept 16, 2022

     Ordering Fractions, Decimals, Percents Performance ASSESSMENT

Monday Sept 19, 2022

             Interger Explanation

Tuesday Sept 20, 2022

             Integer/ Rational Numbers

Wednesday Sept 21, 2022

            Classifying Rational Numbers

Thursday Sept 22, 2022

            Absolute Value

Friday Sept 23, 2022

            Interger Pratice

Monday Sept 26, 2022

     Absolute Value

Tuesday Sept 27, 2022

      Integer Practice

Wednesday Sept 28, 2022

      Comparing & Ordering Integers

***Makeup/ redo packets due.  They were sent home on Friday Sept 23***

Thursday Sept 29, 2022

      Putting it all Together

Friday Sept 30, 2022

      Using Problem Solving to understand multiplication of Fraction

October 3- 6, 2022

  Monday Oct 3, 2022

     Adding and subtracting fractions

Tuesday Oct. 4, 2022

      Multipling Fractions

Wednesday Oct. 5, 2022

      Multiplying fractions

Thursday Oct 6, 2022

     Dividing Fractions

Friday Oct 7, 2022

     Staff Development

Monday Oct 10, 2022

      Staff Development

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

     Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

     Applications of multiplying and dividing fractions

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022

     Multiplying and dividing decimals

Friday Oct 14, 2022

     Multiplication of decimals

Monday Oct 17, 2022

     Intro to Dividing Fractions

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

     Division of Fractions

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

     Use models to explore relationships of frations

Thursday Oct 20, 2022

      Multiplying and divison of fractions

Friday Oct 20, 2022

      Multiplying and divison of fractions in problem situations

Monday Oct 24, 2022

      Multiplying and divison of fractions in problem situations

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

      Apply multiplication and division of fractions to problem situations

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

     Applications  of multiplication and division of fractions to problem situations

Thursday  Oct 27, 2022

     Use logic and reasoning skills to explore the relationships between multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals in real-life problems

Friday Oct 28, 2022

     Use the number line and patterns of repeasted addition to develop an understanding of the relationships.

Monday Nov 7, 2022

     Divide Intergers

Tuesday Nov 8, 2022

     Multiply Integers

Wednesday Nov. 8, 2022

      Multiply and divide integers

Thursday Nov 9, 2022

     Multiply and divide integers with models

Friday Nov 10, 2022

     Review multiply and divide integers


Monday Nov 11, 2022

     Intro to Ratios and facts with the rule of thumb

Tuesday Nov 12, 2022

     Define a ratio and explore the different ways to represent a ratio

Wednesday Nov 13, 2022

      Use pictorial models to explore the relationships between part to part and part to whole ratios

Thursday Nov 14, 2022

     Unit 4 TEST

Friday Nov 15, 2022

     Explain the relationship  bewteen part to part and part to whole ratio- Jamba Juice

November 21- 25, 2022 No School Thanksgiving Break

Monday November 28, 2022

Explore/Explain c Use pictorials models equivalent ratios and explore proportions

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

 Explore D Students explore percents with proportions and equivalent ratios

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Explore Explain F- use 2 color counters to model and find missing values in proportions.

Thursday Dec 1, 2022

Write a proportion to represent a problem situation and find the missing value for each problem

Friday Dec 2, 2022

 Discuss strategies used for changing a quantity from one measurement unit to another measurement unit.

Monday Dec 5, 2022

        Proportional relationships

Tuesday Dec 6, 2022

      Proportional relationships

Wednesday Dec 7, 2022

      Unit 5 Test

Thursday Dec 8, 2022

      Reading Benchmark

Friday Dec 9, 2022

      Intro to expressions

Monday Dec 12, 2022

     Prime factorization

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022 

     Order of operations

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

      Order of opertation

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

       Properties of operations

Friday Dec 16, 2022

     Early Dismissal Christmas Party


Monday Jan. 2

    Staff Worksday

Tuesday Jan 3

     Understanding exponents

Wednesday Jan 4

     Use resoning skills to fine multiples of a whole number and identify the least common multiple of two or more numbers.

Thursday Jan 5

     Assess student understanding of related concepts and processes by using performance.     

Friday Jan 6

    Order of operations

Monday Jan 9

      Properties of operations

Tuesday Jan 10

      Distributive property

Wednesday Jan 11

      Writing algebratic expressions

Thursday Jan 12

     Math Benchmark

Friday Jan 13

     Solve algebraic equation involving addition

Monday Jan 16 

     No school MLK 

Tuesday Jan 17

     Simplifying algebraic expression

Wednesday Jan 18

     Solve 1 step equations

Thursday Jan 19

     Solve 1 step equations

Friday Jan 20 

      Student understanding of related concepts and process

Monday Jan 23

     Percent change

Tuesday Jan 24

     Precent application

Wednesday Jan 25 

     Finding part of percent

Thursday Jan 26

     Finding the whole of percent

Friday Jan 27

      Exploration of inequalities __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Monday Jan 30

     Solving and graphing inequalities

Tuesday Jan 31

    Real life equalities

Wednesday Feb 1

     No School

Thursday Feb 2

     Real life equalities

Friday Feb 3

Real life equalities

Monday Feb 6

     Percent change finding the part

Tuesday Feb 7

     Percent change finding the part

Wednesday Feb 8

     Percent Change finding the percent

Thursday Feb 9

      Percent Change finding the percent

Friday Feb 10

      Percent change finding the whole

Monday Feb 13

     Intro to Inequalities

Tuesday Feb 14

     Solving and graphing inequalities

Wednesday Feb 15

     Real life inequalities

Thursday Feb 16

     Unit 6 test

Friday Feb 17

      No School Student Holiday


Monday  Feb 20, 2023

     No School Staff development

Tuesday      Feb 21, 2023

      Finish Unit 6 test

Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

     Solve one-step inequalities

Thursday  Feb 23, 2023

      Solve one-step inequalities in real world

Friday    Feb 24, 2023

      Model and solve inequalities


Monday    Feb 27, 2023

     Performance Assessment

Tuesday   Feb 28, 2023

      Exploration of the coordinate plane

Wednesday    March 1, 2023

     Independent/dependent variables

Thursday   March 2, 2023


Friday March 3, 2023

      Additive/multiplicative relationships


Monday  March 6

     Multiplicative vs Additive Relationships

Tuesday March 7

      Independent and Dependent Variables Relationships

Wednesday March 8

     Unit 7 Test

Thursday March 9

      Algebraic Representation Review

Friday March 10

      Algebraic Representation Review


Monday March 20 

       Angle Measurements 

Tuesday March 21 

      Angle measurements and Triangle Sum Theorem

Wednesday March 22 

     Triangle Sum Theorem

Thursday March 23

      Triangle inequality theorem

Friday March 24

      Area of rectangles and parallelograms

Monday March 27

     Area of a triangle

Tuesday March 28

      Math MOCK TEST

Wednesday March 29

      Area of a trapezoid

Thursday March 30

     Volume of a rectangular prisum

Friday March 30

      Review unit 9

Monday April 3

      Unit 10- Measures of center...Mean
Tuesday April 4

      Measures of center, variability, median, mode, range, IQR

Wednesday April 5

      Dot plots, including spread, center, shape

Thursday April 6

       Stem and leaf plots, histograms

Friday April 7

       No School Weather day\

Monday April 10

     No School

Tuesday April 11


Wednesday April 12

       Categorical Data and Box Plots

Thursday April 13

       Finacial Literacy

Friday April 14

       Finacial Literacy Review

Monday April 17 

      STAAR Review

Tueday April 18\

      STAAR Review

Wednesday April 19

      STAAR Review

Thursday April 20

      STAAR Review

Friday April 21

      STAAR Review

Monday April 24

      STAAR Review

Tuesday April 25

      STAAR Review

Wednesday April 26

      STAAR Review

Thursday April 27

      STAAR Review

Friday April 28

      STAAR Review

Monday May 1

      STAAR Review

Tuesday May 2

      STAAR Review\

Wednesday May 3

      STAAR Review

Thursday May 4


Friday May 5

      Review how to find square footage

Monday May 8

       Start the Dream Vacation Project

Tuesday May 9

      Work on the Dream Vacation Project

Wednesday May 10

      Work on the Dream Vacation Project

Thursday May 11

      Work on the Dream Vacation Project

Friday May 12

      Finish the Dream Vacation

Monday May 15

      Start Build your Dream Room Project

Tuesday May 16

      Work on Build your Dream Room Project

Wednesday May 17

      Work on Build your Dream Room Project

Thursday May 18

      Work on Build your Dream Room Project

Friday May 19

      Finish the Build Your Dream Room Project

Monday May 22

      Hidden Numbers

Tuesday May 23

       Hidden Numbers

Wednesday May 24

      Hidden Numbers

Thursday May 25

        Half day Early Release