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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Students can enter the building at 7:15 and will wait outside their homeroom

Breakfast will be at 7:35-8:00 in their homerooms

You will go straight to homeroom when you get here. School starts at 8:00

8:00-8:05  Homeroom

8:05-9:35 1st Block

9:35-11:05 2nd Block

11:05-11:20 Recess

11:20-11:50 Lunch

11:50-12:00 2nd period to clean up

12:00-12:45  1st Elective

12:45-1:30 2nd Elective

1:30-1:40  2nd Period Group to move to 3rd Block

1:40-3:15 3rd Block

3:15 Dismissal Starts    (3:25 Walkers will be released)



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