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old 30 Book Challenge

At Crockett, we want to be a community of readers. Reading is a foundational skill that contributes to success in all other subjects. The love of reading can also provide a lifetime of enjoyment. The key is to discover what “you” like to read and learn how to find it.

The 30-book challenge is not a competition to see who finishes first or second. It is a personal challenge to stretch our students as readers. There are no prizes to go along with it. There is no pizza party for completing it.  No grade in the gradebook for completing it. There is no competition to have more punches on your card than anyone else. 

Students do not have to read “books in their level.” They do not have to have a certain amount of AR points. They choose the books they read for the challenge.There is no required length for the book. The books do cover several different categories. This is to force the students to get out of their “reading comfort zone” by reading a book they wouldn’t normally select. 

When they finish a book, they may take an AR test, fill in a book review ticket, or do a book talk with the teacher to get the punch on thier card for that category.  All students have a punch card with several book categories to read. (Fiction, Graphic Novel, Series, Nonfiction)

The challenge will last all year. During awards assemblies each semester, we will award certificates for completing the challenge.

If you have questions about the 30-book Challenge, you can contact Paula Alsup at 

Student Handout  30 Book Challenge Descriptions