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Lesson Plans

Students will be learning Science & Social Studies.

Concepts will consist of the following:

First Nine Weeks:

Science: Science Safety and Notebooking, Physical Properties of Matter, Forces, and Energy Forms and Functions

Social Studies: The New World, Early American Settlements and Colonies, Independence, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Amendments. 

Second Nine Weeks: 

Science: Energy Forms and Functions, Earth’s Changes, Alternative Energy Resources, Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems

Social Studies: Government of the People, Western Expansion, The War of 1912, Industrial Revolution, Manifest Destiny, Mexican War, American Indians and Immigrants, Industry and Agriculture, and events leading up to the Civil War.

Third Nine Weeks:

Science; Sun, Earth and Moon systems, Patterns in the Natural World, Ecosystem Interactions, Life Cycles, Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors.

Social Studies: The Civil War, Reconstruction, Industry and Transportation, World War I, the Depression. The New Deal, World War II

Fourth Nine Weeks:

Science: Inherited Traits and Learned Behavior, Designing Solutions and Independent Study. 

Social Studies: Korean War, Cold War, Space Race, Civil Rights Movement, America the Superpower, Information Age, Events of September 11 and the war on Terrorism.